Mission Day 2022

Mission Day 2022

On the 25th of September, Saint Patrick’s celebrated Mission Day. 

In the morning we went out to the canopy to have liturgy, when we came back to class and did our Te Reo-Athon where we had to do a test of 100 Maori words and we had to write down the 100 words and try to get 100/100. When it was time for morning tea Room 8 started selling raffle tickets under the canopy and a lot of people were buying tickets. Then we came back inside the classroom and watched a movie called “Spirited Away” while Mr Bell marked our tests.

We stopped watching the movie before lunchtime and Mr Bell gave our tests back and we went out to lunch. After lunch we continued the movie and finished it, by the time we packed up our class it was time for the raffle to be called out. At the raffle 2 people from our class won prizes at the raffle and we were all happy for them. Mission Day is a fundraiser for the Holy Angels orphanage in India.

Why We Should Learn To Control Pests

“Why We Should Learn To Control Pests” – By Sonasi




We should learn how to control pests because some pests can get out of control. Pests can cause so many problems that some people do challenges to see how many pests they can catch. Even the council catches pests too because they are Kaitiaki, Guardians of the land.


Natural Resources


Pests hurt our natural resources, Which in some cities affect them the most. Especially the leaves on our trees. Some pests snack on leaves, Leaving them to fall off trees and make them look lifeless. Possums also “ring bark” which means they sharpen their claws pulling off the bark from the tree which makes them die.


Native Birds


Some pests like Possums snack on our native Birds which makes some endangered like kiwi. Our birds are what makes New Zealand (Aotearoa). Sometimes dogs can catch them too if they are fast enough but cats are too fast and can catch them as fast as light.




Rabbits are real pests to Farmers. Rabbits are cute but there are too many of them, they make too many holes in the farm. Because they are Herbivores which means they live off herbs and destroy gardens. But sometimes animals can get their legs stuck in the holes causing major injuries. Or though the Council helps to catch pests we need to do our part.



My class and I are doing a virtual adventure named R.T.B, that stands for Road To Birmingham because that is where the 2022 Commonwealth games is gonna be held. I am gonna be along side our fellow New Zealanders that are going over there to compete in the games.

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