When I woke up I was nervous, people were calm, are they crazy? At  8:25 we sat down on the portside facing the starboard. I was pretty scared, I had the chills, it was already 8:28. “Two minutes to the burst” I was shaking. 8:29 60 seconds to go. We counted down from 60, then we were at  “5 4 3 2 1 … BOMB GONE!” 


I felt the shock in my body and my heart was in my throat. I could see the bones in my hands, I felt a hot breeze penetrate my clothing. It was getting to the point where it was burning my skin little by little. Then we started counting up to 15 “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15” again I was nervous but we all stood, took off our goggles, opened our eyes  and looked behind. The hot breeze rushed towards my face with a loud “whoosh” hurting my eyes a little. Getting over the burning sensation in my eyes I opened them and was greeted by a mushroom cloud. I chuckled a little, the mushroom cloud looked a little funny, but fear rushed over me.

Waka Ama

On a beautiful but cold Wednesday morning the year 7’s and 8’s from Saint Patrick’s School hopped on a bus and went down Panama Rd to the Estuary to do Waka Ama.  We had 3 instructors who taught us how to paddle the boat, slowing it down and turning around. We went down to the wharf in groups of 10 and got on to the Waka and started paddling as a team. We had a race with the girls who left us in the dust… or should I say in the sea spray. Waka Ama was really fun but the paddling was really hard. I had an adrenaline burst but my muscles were tired and I was sun burnt. After we finished and packed up we put the Waka’s away, got changed and hopped on the bus to go back to school.

Pennies For Hitler

Room 8 is reading Pennies For Hitler by Jackie French. As apart of our group activites we had to choose a critical moment that has happened in part of the story. My group chose when London was bombed and the library was destroyed. We created these scenes with clay, our rationale for this was ‘Georg knows that the war has started and nowhere is safe now.’

About Me

Malo Leilei, Talofa Lava

My name is Sonasi, I am Tongan, Samoan and Maori. I am 12 years old and a year 8 student at Saint Patricks School. My favourite sports are Rugby, Basketball and Soccer, and I also enjoy working on cars with my family. I like playing video games but not that much during the week. And My favourite food is pizza. I also have two siblings a sister and a brother. I am looking forward to you viewing my blog again. Have a good day.


Mission Day 2022

Mission Day 2022

On the 25th of September, Saint Patrick’s celebrated Mission Day. 

In the morning we went out to the canopy to have liturgy, when we came back to class and did our Te Reo-Athon where we had to do a test of 100 Maori words and we had to write down the 100 words and try to get 100/100. When it was time for morning tea Room 8 started selling raffle tickets under the canopy and a lot of people were buying tickets. Then we came back inside the classroom and watched a movie called “Spirited Away” while Mr Bell marked our tests.

We stopped watching the movie before lunchtime and Mr Bell gave our tests back and we went out to lunch. After lunch we continued the movie and finished it, by the time we packed up our class it was time for the raffle to be called out. At the raffle 2 people from our class won prizes at the raffle and we were all happy for them. Mission Day is a fundraiser for the Holy Angels orphanage in India.

Why We Should Learn To Control Pests

“Why We Should Learn To Control Pests” – By Sonasi




We should learn how to control pests because some pests can get out of control. Pests can cause so many problems that some people do challenges to see how many pests they can catch. Even the council catches pests too because they are Kaitiaki, Guardians of the land.


Natural Resources


Pests hurt our natural resources, Which in some cities affect them the most. Especially the leaves on our trees. Some pests snack on leaves, Leaving them to fall off trees and make them look lifeless. Possums also “ring bark” which means they sharpen their claws pulling off the bark from the tree which makes them die.


Native Birds


Some pests like Possums snack on our native Birds which makes some endangered like kiwi. Our birds are what makes New Zealand (Aotearoa). Sometimes dogs can catch them too if they are fast enough but cats are too fast and can catch them as fast as light.




Rabbits are real pests to Farmers. Rabbits are cute but there are too many of them, they make too many holes in the farm. Because they are Herbivores which means they live off herbs and destroy gardens. But sometimes animals can get their legs stuck in the holes causing major injuries. Or though the Council helps to catch pests we need to do our part.